Mary Berry

I have been a little lapse at updating my blog this year because I have been consumed working and updating an exciting project with my friend Jessica over at WI Kitchen Stories. Luckily this post spans both and leads me happily back here to focus on my work for a while.
I photographed Mary Berry for this months WI Life magazine. As an avid baker and viewer of the Great British Bake Off I was delighted to be able to have the opportunity to meet one of the nations baking sweethearts. Unfortunately the shoot had to be in a studio so not much to work with prop wise, however I had begged, stolen and borrowed a ton of aprons to add colour and a second set-up option. I found a stylists rail and mirror and positioned them all on as though she was perusing through them. I must admit I was a little disappointed she declined to have the Wonder Woman apron at the front but thankfully she liked my friend Rachel’s pastel number so was happy to pose with that.
I prefer the close up shots which is rare for me as generally I’m drawn to a wider image filled with pockets of interest interacting with the subject, however Mary has such a well-known, characterful face I think the close ups are more compelling.
Mary Berry for WI Life Magazine published Feb 2014