Matthew Stone

I LOVED this shoot.
Even now as I go back through the images my stomach fizzes a little bit with how much I loved it. Matthews studio/apartment is completely wonderful, like an inner city sanctuary with natural light flooding through the skylights above and a melee of plants draping every surface complete with tiger head plant pot housing one of them. Kind of a hip greenhouse that makes you want to slap on a nature buzztrack and pretend you’re in the jungle. If only he’d had a cat, he would have had to forcibly kick me out.
Then of course there are his insanely good artworks dotted around, awaiting removal to their temporary home at Somerset House for his latest exhibition. Vast muted canvases emblazoned with limbs and bold strokes of vibrant colours, mixing and exploring the realm between paint and digital art forms. Finally we have Matthew himself, adept and almost balletic with his posing and expressing even more personality through his attire, braces, nude pink socks, gentleman’s moustache, argh, I love it, I love it, I love it!

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