February has finally arrived and with it brings a whole host of published pictures by yours truly.
I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting for some of these to come out, particularly so I can post them here and finally convince people I have been busy recently!
The (wonderful) Fly magazine have been particularly kind to me over the past year, arranging shoots with some of the coolest emerging artists around. This is always a nice gig to get as you can be as creative as you want.
So starting off my torrent of new work is one of the most quirky shoots I have done in a while of British band Mazes which is featured in this months magazine.
Having only been given a brief of using colour in some way, I decided to give them colour full on.
The shoot took place in a tiny rehearsal studio in North London, where the band were actually having a rehearsal session, so without wanting to disturb them, I crept around and tried not to interrupt their groove with my giant silver rustling background.
The guys were very humble and sweet. I imagine being in front of the lens is not their favourite way to spend an afternoon but this was quite endearing. It shows they aren’t in the business for the glare of limelight, rather than to keep their heads down and create music they are proud of. After some mindless chatter (which I am becoming an expert at), they soon relaxed and I am happy to say we got some great experimental shots. It’s nice to play around with different techniques sometimes so here are the results.