Monica Vinader

A drawer was pulled open to reveal the most beautiful array of gemstones I’ve ever seen. Box after box of individually sized, some polished, some rough, gorgeous minerals, colour co-ordinated in an ombre spectrum. It was just one drawer of many, and I wanted to touch everything in it (I didn’t in case they thought I was stealing), the textures and colours were so appealing it was hard to resist.
The studio was filled with many more treasures; glistening metals, exquisite jewellery and collected trinkets, books and fauna to inspire future collections.
I haven’t even begun to describe the converted barn housing all this goodness which is situated in Norfolk on the estate of a stately home. It’s a haven of tranquility both inside and out, with studio staff eager to describe summer BBQ’s, countryside walks and the inherent ‘family feeling’ that such a workplace facilitates. Lunches are even prepared and cooked by a staff member’s mum each day!
Her jewellery is worn by celebrities across the globe, yet Monica is grounded, creative and clearly more inspired by nature than fame.

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