Nadia Sawalha

South London is really hilly. I know this because I live there.
Yet still, when planning how to get to Nadias house with all my kit, I decided to walk. It was a beautiful Summers day and it didn’t look too far on the map. Weirdly, Google was anticipating quite a long walk for such a short distance, I’m a fast walker I can always shave time off, it’ll be a breeze and it’s such a lovely day after all…

Cut to 20 minutes and two steep hills later with the sun burning down on me and I’m doing the last bit in a half run, dragging my case and stand bag, desperately trying to waft my t shirt away from my sweaty body so I don’t completely disgust her upon arrival. Too late. I arrived with minutes to spare, a ruddy faced, sweaty, panting mess standing at the door being greeted by the gorgeous smile of Nadia Sawalha, cool, relaxed and amused at the sight before her.

After I’d feigned a need for the loo so I could have five minutes to calm down and run some cold water on my wrists, I managed to pull myself together and actually enjoy the shoot. Nadia is used to having her picture taken but even so, she was completely down to earth, did everything I suggested, and has a really natural smile where her eyes shine along too. She was hospitable, kindly ignored my bedraggled appearance, and even introduced me to her Dad who lives next door.
Needless to say I got the bus back.