New Year, New Website

January 2013 seems to be the longest month ever.
I have been keeping my head down, working away on various jobs which are being published next month so I am counting down the days until I am allowed to showcase it all on here. It’s pretty depressing being in the last week of January and still having a Happy Christmas message as your most recent post!
However, I  finally have two new posts to write.
Firstly the announcement of my brand spanking new website which was wonderfully designed and built by my better half Dan at Spaceroom Design.
It’s a great way to start the year, knowing that my images are now full screen, and the site is responsive so works equally as well on ipad/iphones.
Other new features are that it now easily links to my blog so you can visit the different sections directly from this page, thumbnails to get an overview of the work, and also features specific categories of my personal work.
I love it and can’t wait to fill it with new work this year. Thanks very much Dan…(and sorry for nagging you to do it over your Christmas holidays!)