Nigel Clifford, CEO of Ordnance Survey

A few months ago I travelled to the offices of Ordnance Survey in Southampton. Though situated on a Business Park next to a super busy motorway, the design of the building is such that it not only looks great, with vast geometric brick work sporadically dotted with trees and grass, it is also soundproofed and hosts an amazing atrium within, allowing light to flood each floor.

I was there to photograph recently appointed CEO, Nigel Clifford. We managed a couple of set ups in the short time I had his attention before he had to dash off, but my favourite image is this one so I didn’t want to detract by adding others here. Even though Nigel himself was very nice, I kind of think the chair is a bit ‘Bond Villain’ which makes the shot….that and his spotted socks, I do love a cheeky sock.