Niomi Smart

I’m going to be honest, I partake in social media in a very relaxed way, meaning that most of the time I forget to post anything until I feel bad and then knock out a few things within a few minutes of each other. I’m pretty sure this method is in the manual of how not to be successful at social media.
Niomi however is a blogging sensation, having shot to internet fame with countless contemporaries advising girls on healthy eating, fashion and lifestyle topics. Her YouTube videos regularly rack up hundreds of thousands of views and she proudly displays a YouTube award for over 1 million views. She now endorses products, events and has recently published her own healthy eating cook book called ‘Eat Smart’ with the title being chosen by her fans and followers.

Looking flawless in a crepe cotton blue dress and glowing skin, you can see she certainly practices what she preaches and why so many girls idolise her. She has a sweet disposition too, certainly not the overbearing personality you might expect to find from someone who lives their life in front of a worldwide audience. I have no doubt that the book will be a success and I should probably use this experience to learn a thing or two from her- less treats, more tweets!

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