Noel Gallagher

“I’m losing the will to live to be honest with you” – said to me by a weary and hungover Noel Gallagher which made it pretty clear the shoot was probably over.

Not necessarily a quote I should share on my website when I’m trying to get more work, but if you’re going to annoy anyone, it may as well be a Gallagher.

Also after three backdrop changes- none of which included the sofa he’d been reclining on to recover- I didn’t really blame him. He’d given me more than enough and we’d actually got on pretty well throughout covering topics such as his night out, Elton Johns photography collection and an anecdote about some guy who mistook him for Liam and didn’t even realise there was another Gallagher brother.

It wasn’t actually the first time I’d been in the same room as one of the Gallaghers myself, but it was far less embarrassing than the last time thankfully. I was 16 years old and working at a motorway service station ‘Sock Shop’ branch, when an old lady asked me to try a childs elephant hat on- complete with dangling trunk- to see if it would fit her small grandkids head. I perched it on mine only to look up and find Liam Gallagher in front of me waving a pair of cliche ‘mod’ pattern socks that he wanted to buy. It still haunts me now how embarrassed I was when Oasis were pretty much at the peak of their fame. The bloody woman didn’t even come back to buy the hat either.