Ossian Ward

I recently photographed former Time Out art critic Ossian Ward for his farewell feature after having worked at the magazine for several years.
With such connections in the art world, Ossian pretty much had the pick of the shoot location and finally settled upon (to my delight) the famous Richard Wilson 20:50 installation at the Saatchi gallery.
Having only seen it in it’s former South Bank situe, the work had a rather different feel. From previously being installed in a dark, low lit room, the new space is a stark contrast which made my job a lot easier (considering it was a narrow gangway to fit lights in).
Being closed to the public that day, the gallery staff left us to it which created a relaxed environment for us to just chat away and make the most of having access to such a great piece of work. It really was one of those shoots where I smugly walked away thinking about how much I love my job!