Peace for The Fly

This Summer I was asked to photograph Peace for ‘the ones to watch’ section of The Fly.
Peace hail from my old university stomping ground Birmingham so it was a trip down memory lane discussing the various places I used to frequent which have since burned down/gone bust/still exist but nobody goes there/etc.
With relief I discovered ‘Snobs‘ still exists. Glad to hear 50p a shot of rank vodka whilst sticking to the floor is still popular for students in the West Midlands.
Peace themselves were wonderfully quirky yet down to earth guys. I met them at Birthdays in Dalston where they were setting up for their gig that evening. We didn’t have much time and couldn’t stray too far which didn’t leave many options for the shoot. Excited by a recent purchase of coloured fabrics I had randomly stuffed a few into my bag and I was quite pleased I did as Dalston is quite a grey looking part of London.
The guys were up for playing around which was great. I generally try to avoid the standard ‘band against a wall’ but there wasn’t much else so I tried to do it with a bit of a twist. Unfortunately and rather embarrassingly for me it showed my ignorance of the aesthetic of a peace sign and I started drawing Mercedes logos on their hands.
As polite boys they corrected me with only the slightest regard of pity at my stupidity.