Pebblewood Coffins

One of the greatest aspects of my job is the variety of shoots I get commissioned to do. One week I can go from photographing a celebrity, to documenting a WI garden party to photographing a giant pebble shaped coffin on a beach…yes you read that correctly.
A few weeks ago I was involved in the branding of a new coffin company called Pebblewood Coffins. Alongside my filmic counterparts Carwell Casswell, I ventured up to a coffin factory in Nottingham to create some product shots and portraits of the artist behind the venture, Davina Kemble.
The coffins themselves are attractive sculptures made up of rings of wood which are sanded down to create a smooth pebble shape that holds the body in a curled up sleeping position.
Along with the product shots, I toured Devon and Dartmoor photographing nature vibe shots for the website, culminating in the final promo shot of the coffin on a beach lying next to the rounded pebbles from which it’s shape had been inspired.
It’s great to see a whole body of work in one place and for me that is here