Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer

I recently took my first stroll down the quaint Georgian street that hosts the Prime Minister. Just yards away from the congregating crowds with cameras and the bustling traffic of Whitehall, Downing Street is surprisingly quiet. It feels like a film set, barely any footfall, and as I was lucky enough to arrive at dusk, the streetlamps were on harking back to a bygone Dickensian era.

Sweeping past number 10 to arrive at the Chancellors pad, I was again surprised at how quiet it was inside. I’d imagined a plethora of people busying themselves with the running of the country, but it was actually quite serene. Even Larry the cat was having a snooze on the window ledge.

The shoot was to take place in Philips office which I was not privy to until his PA came to get me, telling a waiting MP outside his door that ‘we were just going to take a quick photo, give us two minutes’. Stress. Fortunately as I’d been nervously awaiting my appointment in the chancellors dining room with nothing but a ticking clock and a glass of water for company, I’d set up my softbox so I was thankfully prepared when the 15 minutes I’d been promised was condensed to just 4 to take a cover shot and feature insert. At least his tie matched the walls though, I wish more business people colour coordinated with their paint swatch.