Priscilla Royer

Every now and then I develop a total girl crush on someone I meet, and the phenomena occurred the day I photographed Priscilla. Maybe it goes back to those school dynamics where you’re in total awe of the ‘cool girls’ (needless to say I wasn’t in that crew, I was more of a middle group, not quite a loser), but I found her mesmerising. The quiet confidence with which she held herself, the poise, the boyish crop hair recently shorn from platinum curls making me wonder if I could get away with it myself, her gamine features and piercing eyes, and of course that French accent. Words sound way more cool when spoken in a French accent. I found her mesmerising (I am aware I already said that but it’s worth repeating).

She’s also very talented and is creative director of Parisian milliner Maison Michel which is part of the Chanel group, and has extended their collection to incorporate a mens range and created a cult following with trendy celebs. She’s way too cool to be my best friend, I totally accept that, but it was fun to hang out for a bit.