Ronan Dunne

My image of Telefonica CEO Ronan Dunne featured on the cover of the latest Treasurer Magazine. The shoot occurred in the run up to the Rugby World Cup, where a proud Irish national Ronan faced the ultimate dilemma as to which team he would be cheering (Telefonica sponsor England). As it happened, neither team lived up to great expectations, so I’m sure he didn’t lose too much sleep over it.

The offices lie in the heart of London.  A glossy tower which cunningly blends into the grey surrounding streets. Inside is another thing entirely as vibrant colour jumps out as soon as the lifts open and you walk to across the bright atrium to the companies offices. It’s a sort of grown up playground with giant balloons, in the flags of the countries which host Telefonica, cleverly spanning the two floors. Hard to describe but the top part is on one floor and the bottom bit is down below on a separate floor (I’m easily impressed ok?).

They also have those ‘creative seating areas’ with cool looking yet highly impractical chairs, and dotted around are brightly coloured phone boxes. It’s certainly more inspiring than many offices I’ve been in. It also helps when the boss is as jolly as Ronan is. Happy to assist me in any way, quick to smile, and enthusiastic about my brightly coloured nail varnish-though he did try to persuade me to stencil some roses on for the England team- what more could you want.

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