Rosie Inman-Cook

Last week I had a last minute commission to travel to Winchester and visit the Natural Death Centre. Not only did that sound quite a terrifying proposition, the offices are based in a former Nuclear Bunker so I had only notions of gloom which counteracted with the brief of making the idea of death a more happy one. However what I found on my arrival was the most incredible office and Rosie who runs the centre is one of the most jolly people I have met.
The Natural Death Centre is a charity managed by Rosie which aims to disspell myths and share knowledge for those organising funerals for a loved one. I discovered that quite often funerals are similar to weddings in the respect that unless you look around, which is something that you probably would find hard to do if you’re grieving, many funeral directors can take advantage of you and add on hundreds of pounds for things you may not need. I found it amazing to discover that people would take advantage in such an awful situation.
Fortunately though Rosie and her team are on hand to provide knowledge and a friendly voice at the end of the phone.
Specialising in Eco burials, Rosie often will give talks at various colleges and centres on issues surrounding natural burial sites and ‘green coffins’ which in their case are actually pink and people are encouraged to decorate them at the various public appearances she goes on.
Personally I find it very hard to discuss the subject of death, even though it is a natural end to life, however I think if more people like Rosie were around to encourage discourse on the matter, it may be an easier topic to come to terms with.
(Oh yeah and the bunker was awesome too!)