Rt Hon Desmond Swayne MP

I’d actually shot in Desmonds Office earlier that year when it was inhabited by the previous Minister of State at the Department for International Development, Alan Duncan. Nothing much had changed in there, just a few extra photo’s of Desmond in his army years, posing with comrades and some family photo’s dotted around. The portrait of Maggie still looming ominously over the mantelpiece…

So the room itself was not very interesting, though Desmond’s personal aesthetic rather made up for it. Looking like an old movie star sporting heavy sideburns and swept back hair, his attire (though formal) offered aspects of his eccentricity. A jazzy tie, braces and some incredible animal print reading glasses, made what could have been a rather visually austere shoot into a characterful study.

desmond_swayne-3026 desmond_swayne-3070 desmond_swayne-3101