Sir Keir Starmer

Brexit. Brexit. Brexit. Brexit. Brexit. Brexit. Brexit. Anyone else bored yet?
One of those awful media, jargon terms that someone somewhere thought was a clever portmanteau, probably never imagining it would have to last in our vocabulary for as long as it is doing. Great news, the ‘B’ word conveys such a complicated and lengthy process it’s going to exist (Brexist?) in our ether for a long time still to come at this rate, every time we turn on the news or look at social media for years and years. I cannot wait for the day it’s Brextinct.

A man who has to consume this dreadful word more than most is Sir Keir Starmer, Labour MP for Holborn and St Pancras, and the Shadow Secretary for Exiting the European Union. He heads a team concerned with questioning the government’s ‘destination’ for Britain outside the European Union.  I photographed him just after the last election, when the party was buoyant with the increase in votes and a had new wave of optimism. I didn’t have long to shoot but I did ask a few questions about what it was like to stand on election night as they read out the results and I told him of my first foray into campaigning. A short, swift and sweet shoot- if only we could say the same for the Brexit process.