Smiley Store

For a recent Time Out commission I was asked to visit the new Boxpark pop up mall in Shoreditch to photograph the Smiley Store. I am of course familiar with the smiley face symbol, however I didn’t envisage just how much smiley memorabilia you could buy in one shop! It was great and instantly lifts your spirits. The vibe of the store is so cool and fun to be in. The stereo is blasting, the colours are vibrant and the staff are so nice and helpful. I had the fortune of finding shop assistant Sophia working that day so roped her in to model her smiley wear for me. She was brilliant and really made the shots with her effortless cool.
I could have spent a fortune in there myself, and will definitely go back. If you need a little pick me up in this grey cold weather, head over to the Smiley Store.