A Summer of Love and an American Adventure

This Summer has been a wonderful, heady blur which has meant I haven’t had time to write any posts for over two months!

The reason for the lengthy hiatus is that I got married at the end of June…five weeks after my brother had tied the knot- my poor mum!

It truly was the best day of my life, yet just that one solitary day of fun meant that any productivity work-wise went completely out of the window for weeks. So alas I am back, on the ball, and ready to work hard so I can save up for another road trip in America.

For our honeymoon we spent 2 weeks travelling up the west coast of America, then onwards to New York and Boston before we finally bid adieu to the States and returned home. It was an epic 3 week adventure- especially for a girl who has only ever had one two week holiday which was on a canal boat travelling to Lincoln and back. It took a week to get there and a week to get back so we didn’t actually see much of Lincoln (which let it be known was only a 45 minute drive from our house by car anyway).

The most boring thing anyone can do (other than tell you about their dreams) is bang on about their holidays which you were not present for and have possibly never visited the destination, so you have no concept of where anything is. Worse still if they insist on sharing 1500 photo’s with you on a slideshow…

I PROMISE I will keep this brief, but I did take my camera and I do like to keep a record of my whereabouts so here are a few images ranging from where we started in San Francisco, driving up the coast to Portland via hippy town Mendocino, the giant Redwoods and a tiny town called Trinidad. We took the train to Seattle, flew to New York and ended in Boston.

During the trip we scaled many buildings, cycled the Golden Gate bridge, drove through a giant tree, enrolled on various walking tours, ducktours, saw cool stuff, ate cool stuff, drank mimosa’s, dessert for breakfast, learnt some things, saw friends, were ironically sleepless in Seattle due to a heat wave, travelled on most forms of transport (bar a horse), instagrammed loads and had a bloody brilliant time.

Back to work.

san_francisco-7181 san_francisco-7189 san_francisco-7275 san_francisco-7308 san_francisco-7342 san_francisco-7353 san_francisco-7369

mendocino-7403 mendocino-7424 mendocino-7442 newport-7648 prehistoric_gardens-7566 redwoods-7453 rogue_river-7533 sea_lions-7636 trinidad-7514portland-7694 seattle-7726 seattle-7739 seattle-7746 seattle-7772 seattle-7812 seattle-7821 seattle-7824new_york-7857 new_york-7863 new_york-7871 new_york-7888 new_york-7908