The Beans Group

The Beans Group is the brainchild of entrepreneurial brothers, Michael and James Eder who started the media brand business in 2005 after James graduated from university. Inspired by his time as a student, the brothers launched Student Beans providing a link between brands and students, offering media content and discounts, etc, and now they have grown from a small business, to having many more staff, brands, concepts and two offices which they work out of, one in Birmingham and one in London.

Due to the nature of their business and the youth of the company, I really wanted it to be a fun shoot, and the brothers were great to work with. They were completely happy to lie on the floor, throw jelly beans at each other and generally go along with my mad suggestions. Due to their enthusiasm and trust I think we pulled off a really nice set of images. They were good natured and fun to work with and even didn’t mind when I accidentally sent a whole bumper box of Jelly Beans flying around the room in my over excitement.

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