Turning Pro

I am dead chuffed to have been interviewed for this Summers Turning Pro magazine which is a bookazine produced by the same folk who make Professional Photographer.
The feature I’m included in is a series of four case studies of young photographers encouraged to discuss their first year as a professional photographer.
When I was sent the questions I must admit I worried that I didn’t have any wildly exciting anecdotes to mention, but then it was quite nice to sit down and reflect on the past year, noting the various highlights and a few lows of my transition from assistant to photographer.
I sent back a rambling list of answers which apparently made Lorna the journalist laugh… which in turn made me worry I was going to come across as a bit of a plank because I hadn’t necessarily included anything particularly amusing. Regardless, it is an honest account of how I have found it and I hope someone who is on the cusp of making the leap from an assistant reads it and see’s how accessible it can be if you work hard and keep on keeping on.
The most awkward part of it was that they requested a picture of myself to be included. I am way more comfortable behind the camera and when forced to have my picture taken, my default pose resembles a cartoon character who has been bashed on the head with a comedy mallet. You would think I would have mastered a normal face after all the shoots I have assisted on and had to be ‘stand in’.
I guess you can’t have it all…