Wayra Academy

Wayra Academy London is Telefonicas newest incubator of emerging entrepreneurs in the mobile telecommunications field.
The academy houses 16 start up businesses who entered a competition to win a residency with Wayra to develop and support their business ideas.
There are currently similar Telefonica academies all over the world so it’s with great excitement that it the latest one is in London and was opened last week by none other than the Mayor Boris Johnson himself.
A few weeks ago I was commissioned to photograph the new space in central London before the entrepreneurs moved in.
As it is a hub of creativity and new technology, the hosts were encouraging that I be creative and fresh in my approach.
It really was a photographers playground of graphic geometric illustrations printed on the walls, table tennis tables, a London telephone box with an inbuilt ipad…
I imagine it’s exactly the right kind of space to inspire innovation and in these times of economic decline, I commend a large company like Telefonica for investing in such a space to cultivate new initiatives which hopefully will improve our countries economic growth in the long term.