WI Enterprise Staff

In September this year I headed along to the NFWI to photograph the team behind the Womens Institute Enterprise division. One section of the said team regularly commissions me for WI Life, the monthly membership magazine for WI, which added an extra pressure to get the shot right!
The brief was to get a group shot of ten members of staff which was to be published alongside an article explaining to members exactly what WI Enterprises do for the Institute.
Having worked quite closely with the team on several jobs and having documented various federation visits, I really wanted to create an image that was both descriptive and fun, showing all the avenues of extra revenue the team produce.
I decided to do two versions of the shot. One a straightforward group shot (due to budget restrictions, 10 people on a 9ft backdrop was quite a challenge) but a second where I used the books, food produce, aprons, and magazine itself as props. Even though it’s quite stressful to photograph your clients, I had a great time. They are such a fun bunch to work with/for and I was thrilled they embraced my idea in such a playful way.