WI Life Cover Erica Higgins

A couple of days ago the latest issue of WI Life landed on my doorstep strategically landing so as to proudly display my latest cover story. This still brings a little fiz of delight, seeing one of my images in context with all the cover lines and text.
After leaving it haphazardly strewn in the hallway for my neighbours to notice and be *impressed by, I took it upstairs to discover which other images they used.

The subject of this feature was a lovely lady I photographed during the summer who is PA to JLS and various other popstars. Although commuting to London in just under 2 hours as and when is needed for work, Erica’s Staffordshire home couldn’t feel further from it. Filled with beautiful furniture and ornaments, and with a sprawling garden leading up to fields beyond, you would have no idea of the size of the space from the street.
Her two dogs are there to greet visitors on arrival but then swiftly follow her around everywhere. It seemed inevitable that they would feature in the background of some of the shots so I decided to include them in the main shot.
The weather remained beautiful so it allowed us to stay outside and make use of the country elements which fused so well with Erica’s occasional city lifestyle.

*note- I didn’t actually do this because a) they don’t know I’m a photographer, b) they have good jobs so doubt they would be particularly impressed and c) I never see them so it would be a pointless gesture anyway.