WI Life Cover Shoot

So here it is, my first cover!-BOOM
I have been so excited for this to come out as it was shot in autumn last year and you never know which set up they will finally choose for publication.
I am thrilled they went with this one. It’s so colourful and WI member Lydia who is profiled in the feature looks so relaxed and stunning. I’m also grateful they went with this one as we left her tiny shop in such disarray after this shot as we legged it for the train and poor Lydia refused to let us tidy up (probably worried we would put everything back in the wrong place) so at least it was worth all that mess!
Excitingly for me, this issue is like my mini monthly portfolio as I have four shoots in it, one of which I will write about in my next blog post.
For now though I am going to kick back with my magazine and read my name over and over again…only joking, but I am going to have a little read of the feature!