One Sunday evening recently I was sat down watching a repeat of ‘The Voice’ on T.V and I thought to myself, I would love to photograph Will.I.Am.
I think he has a really expressive and charismatic demeanour so thought it would be fun to spend time with him.
As if by magic, the following day I received a glorious email from the Art Director at The Big Issue asking me if I was free to photograph the man himself that week. Well I almost choked on my sandwich, then felt sick, and then started spasmodically hitting my keyboard and wooping in delight until I realised I was about to send back an unprofessional reply of random characters; note to self, one must remain cool at all times in business, even whilst sat at home.
So the following Friday I found myself in a tiny, yet full of people, room doing my first ever fist-bump with Will.I.Am and discussing Cows, Robots and Wizards.
I was pleased to discover that he is as charismatic and interesting in person as he appears on screen and is able to talk incessantly even whilst suffering with a bronchial infection.
Although the shoot was disappointingly swift (after the interview I was left with a mere 4 minutes before his next one), I still frantically managed to get some nice close ups and couldn’t resist pulling back to include those wonderful sparkly shoes!
Next week I am going to spend all my time watching Ryan Gosling films and thinking about how interesting his face is and how great he would be to photograph…